Each year American Indian Veterans and all US Military come together at the National Gathering of American Indian Veterans at Cantigny Park in Wheaton IL, and speak about matters important to all of us. One of the most important, among many special projects based on the voices of our Native Veterans, was formal recognition of our Eagle Staff’s in the United States. On May 17, 2017 the State of Illinois lead by State Representative Mussman approved and signed, what we hope is the first of all the States in the US to create this resolution and implement into policy, per this resolution.

This project, over the last year, since our National Gathering in 2016,  the partnership of Tribes and off reservation people working together is another success. The Pokagon Tribal Veteran’s with representative (Anthony Foerster), who’s tribal lands were in Illinois – Chicago http://healthsavy.com/product/xanax/ land area and Trickster Art Gallery of Schaumburg IL (CEO Joe Podlasek), with the support of the Native Veterans of Illinois and committee worked hard on behalf of our people and our veterans across the country. And we made it!  The following resolution passed the State of Illinois, yesterday  May 17, 2017.  A formal signed Resolution is on its way and will be shared!

Our goal now is to have as many States as possible pass this or similar resolutions, and then move it on to Congress in a strategic planned process with our Tribal Veteran groups.

Thanks to our Illinois State Representative Michelle Mussman who Championed this resolution.  They worked very hard to make this happen. Thank you!

Please drop State Rep Mussman an email of appreciation if possible  to her assistant Christie cwessel.repmussman@gmail.com

Feel free to contact Trickster Gallery at info@trickstergallery.com with any questions.