Our CEO Joe Podlasek was recently interviewed by Comcast Newsmakers on the National Gathering of American Indian Veterans that will be happening in July from the 21st – 23rd at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. Watch the segment below and follow this link to see the video and post on the Comcast Newsmakers website. Click here to see more information about the National Gathering.

“Joseph Podlasek, Trickster Art Gallery discusses their July 23 free to celebrate the long and proud history of Native Americans’ service to the US military. Events include stories, workshops, food and live native drums.

Historical education event at Cantigny Park will celebrate American Indian Veterans and their service to our nation. American Indians have the highest percentage per capita of any race of people to volunteer for the military historically. All veterans, their families and the general public are invited to a national gathering of Native Veterans at Cantigny Park and the First Division Museum on Saturday, JULY 22, and Sunday, JULY 23.

The free event will celebrate the long and proud history of Native Americans’ service to the United States military and honor ALL Veterans American Indian style. Great event for the kids and entire family to learn and engage with Native Culture, Indian Village, food, stories, workshops, live Native drum, bands and the Chicago. Volunteer opportunities for all ages to serve our elder veterans. Great for scouts and corporate volunteer programs.”