We are excited to share that the Chicago Tribune wrote an article on the Trickster Art Gallery, which was published on March 13th. Our CEO, Joe Podlasek, was interviewed for the piece. The article details some of the art and cultural items that can be found here, as well as some of our upcoming programs and exhibits.

“While many of the items [at the gallery] reflect the history of Native American culture both locally and beyond, its mission is to better http://www.buyambienmed.com cater to the creativity and issues facing the demographic in the present and future. “We want to talk about what’s happening today,” said Podlasek. Most of the paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works are post-1960s contemporary. As Podlasek puts it, he wants people to see beyond what is usually thought of in terms of Native American art and culture.”

Read the full article here: “Schaumburg’s Trickster Art Gallery celebrates area’s Native Americans” by Rafael Guerrero