“In Memory Of” Wall

Donate $10.00 or more in memory of a native or non-native Veteran, and their name will be posted in our ‘In Memory Of’ section below.  Our goal is to recognize 300 veterans or more. Donations go towards the support of various veteran’s programs at Trickster Gallery, both current and future, including the National Gathering. Be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your veteran’s information, and click the ‘Donate’ button when you’re done.

In Memory Of

  • Duke O’Shogay, Army Sgt, Vietnam, LCO – Ojibwe
  • George Warrington, Marines Staff Sgt, Vietnam, Menominee
  • Clarence Eliot Brown, Army, WWI, Cherokee
  • James Robert Hubbard, USMC Sgt, Vietnam
  • William Podlasek, Army Private, Korea
  • Chucky Oshogay, Army Private, Korea, LCO – Ojibwe
  • Floyd Gendron Sr, Army Private, WWII, Colville Tribes
  • Floyd Gendron Jr, Navy Medic, Vietnam, Colville Tribes
  • Melvin Ellis, US Army SSG, WWII
  • Garfield T Brown, Army Cpl, WWII, Oglala Lakota Sioux

  • William H Carufel Jr., USMM/USCG Lieutenant Junior Grade, WWII, LDF Ojibwe
  • Gilbert Whittemore, US Navy Chief Petty Officer, Korean/Vietnam, Navajo/Apache
  • George Underwook, Army Air Corps Captain, WWII, Cherokee