Meet Joe Podlasek

Joseph Podlasek

  • CEO, Trickster Art Gallery, Schaumburg IL
  • Founding member and current VP of National Urban Indian Family Coalition
  • Member of the Chicago Cultural Alliance, current board member
  • Enrolled member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Tribe (LCO) and of Polish decent

Mr. Podlasek, Citizen of the LCO Ojibwe Tribe in Northern WI and of Polish descent. He is the father of three great children who are also citizens of LCO, who in addition have Tribal affiliation with the Pit River and Wintun tribes of CA, from their Mother. Mr. Podlasek (Joe P) a fellow of the Leadership of Greater Chicago in 2004 and FBI Citizen leadership Academy 2010, moved in July 2013 full time to establish the Trickster Art Gallery, a new not for profit organization. After 14 years of leadership services to the Native and cultural communities in Chicago and national level, his focus is on creating awareness and cultural education through education programs in the, arts, veterans and fatherhood services. Bringing his 25 plus years of experience in community/organizational development, organizing and social justice issues to the Trickster Art Gallery in Schaumburg, IL. His past experience also includes 10 years of technology background in working with the Chicago History Museum and private technology firms as technical system engineer.