• Join Us for a Baseball Cap Beading Class

    Saturday Nov 11th from 11:30a - 1:30p, perfect for making gifts in time for the holidays

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  • Check out the Blackhawks' Annual Report

    See pg 28 for one of our Native veterans, and pg 35 (far left) for our CEO

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  • Migration Stories of Inheritance: Parts I and II

    Join us for events and exhibits celebrating Filipino, Native, and Turkish cultures! More about Inherit Chicago at InheritChicago.org

    Oct 21st Event
    Oct 28th Event
  • “Filipino History Unveiled Through The Arts” Exhibit

    Exhibit opening Sep 16th; open until Oct 30th. Come see work from more than 15 Filipino artists!

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  • Want to See and Order Photos from the National Gathering?

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  • See Documentaries on Native Veterans and the National Gathering

    Watch interviews with Native Veterans and learn about the issues important to them

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The Untold Story of American Indian Veterans – Short

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